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Few Indications Your kidIsn’t Going through Puberty but is Addicted to Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are common social evils that are widespread among teenagers nowadays. It majorly affects your youngsters who’re going through psychological stress. Children who are stressed out due to studies, pressure from parents for good grades, parents getting separated or broken families are mostly the ones who are victims of alcohol and drugs. They try to hide or suppress their emotions like anger and frustration with the help of drugs as well as alcohol.

These are few signs of drug use in teens that are easy enough for parents to understand their children are going in the wrong direction. Let’s discuss those signs in the below section. It is wise to take the support of inpatient rehab centers, which are designed with programs only for youngsters. Anthony Louis Centre provides the best inpatient rehab programs that include residential stay along with meal and treatment programs. They have 24 hours of consultants, staff, and medication available which keeps all patients safe and healthy. They have four locations which include Woodbury, Blaine, Burnsville, and Plymouth.

As mentioned above, it isn’t difficult to find if your kid is addicted to drugs or liquor. All you have to see are some obvious changes in their behavior and character –

  • Behavioral and personal changes
  • Psychological changes
  • Health problems
  • Other symptoms

Behavioral and personal changes 

Whether your kid is influenced by social evils or not, you should still stay updated with their academic behavior. Poor academic performance, absence from school and extracurricular activities becoming violent and getting into trouble in school, changing peers and avoiding social gatherings, staying isolated, and avoiding eye contact are some of the changes in behavior with might look unusual.

Psychological changes

Mood swings are and changes in personality are the most common appearances. Always staying lethargic, demotivated, fearful, full of illusions, behaving weirdly in public like laughing unnecessarily or staying aloof, are also signs of getting into the shell of addiction. Often they are seen enjoying their own company because of the illusions that have created around themselves.

Health problems

Behavioral changes can be confused with an early stage of puberty or adolescence, but health issues can clearly indicate something fishy. Insomnia, appetite loss, excessive sweating and constipation, seizures, shakes, nosebleeds, injuries dues to dizziness, headaches, and irritation are some of the symptoms. If you try to take them to a consultant, they will deny as they know the reason behind their illness and fear of being caught.

If you find your boy or girl behaving suspicious, the first and foremost thing is to search their rooms and hidden areas. You may find something like bottles, needles, rolling papers, eye drops, straws, a smoking device, capsules, etc. that help in taking drugs. They will often use a strong fragrance to hide the odor of smoke or alcohol. Since youngsters don’t have enough money and drugs are expensive, so they might try to steal money or expensive items from home. Therefore, stay alert with your belongings.

Family bonding helps in overcome all these troubles. You should always sit with your children and become their friends and not parents during a crucial time. It helps in avoiding such emotional traumas.

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