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Renovia Inc. Receives Funding for Innovative Device

Renovia Inc has brought an immense amount of innovation to the medical field owing to the introduction of a new therapy that treats a range of pelvic floor disorders. The company has been working hard to bring forth a new range of digitally therapeutic devices for women who have been diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders and who have not experienced any kind of relief in the past from previous kinds of treatments. The company has been making headlines, not just for the treatment that they have brought forth, but also because of the new deals that the company has entered into. Renovia recently announced that they were about to close a $42.3 million deal for the financing of its project to bring this form of therapy to the masses. The financing that the company received was given in two parts, the first being a $32.3 million in addition to the $10 million in venture debt. The funding that was offered is to be used for the numerous clinical trials that the company has been undertaking to ensure that the product works as intended. In addition, the funding will also be used to market the product and for the purpose of corporate development.

The financing project that helped Renovia raise the money that they needed was Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures. Several other notable advisory firms also assisted the company through this process. The company received an incredible amount of support from several institutions who believed in the work that the company was trying to accomplish. Marc Beer, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of the company recently came forward to talk about the support that he has been receiving. In his report, he stated that the company was thrilled to be able to receive the support of some of the leading healthcare investors in the entire country. He stated that it was an honor to share the vision of treatment that the company wanted to put forward so that they could carry out better diagnoses and treatment for those who are affected by pelvic floor disorders. Through the work that the company is doing, Marc Beer hops to reach out to as many people in need and better their lives through the innovations that he brings forth with the company.

One aspect that has helped the company in an incredibly positive manner is the large and diverse pool of investors that the company has. Marc Beer stated that one of the reasons why the company has proven to be so successful is because they have investors coming to them from a variety of fields and companies who have had an immense amount of experience with the industries that they are involved with. This involvement is what has enabled the company to reach a notable position within the industry, and is something that has helped them in their developmental endeavors.

In a second interview, Marc Beer outlined the intricacies of the technology that is being used for their development. He stated that through their own innovation, the company has managed to produce a state-of-the-art sensor technology that is able to track the health of an individual and offer insight into it through a digitalized manner. By doing this through a digital platform, the company wants to be able to directly give information to patients so that they can take control of their own health and be informed about the happenings inside their own bodies.

About Renovia Inc

Renovia Inc is a company that was founded with a single purpose, which was to be able to offer women a viable course of treatment that they could depend on if they had been diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders. At the time of establishment, there were very few treatment options that individuals could get in order to take care of these conditions. Renovia plans to change all of this with the new technology that they have developed. The company aims to revolutionize the manner in which treatments are offered and to improve the lives of women who have been diagnosed with these conditions. Through their innovation, technology and drive to improve, Renovia Inc is, without a doubt, on their way to becoming one of the most prominent treatment providers for women all over the world.

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